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Steven Payne - CelticFest Mississippi


Now serving as Performer Coordinator and Co-Director for CelticFest Mississippi, Steven Payne has been active in the Celtic music and arts scene since the 80s as enthusiast, performer, and promoter. He was an organizer of the Celtic Society of the Monterey Bay from its founding in 1989, he was active with Augusta Heritage Center Irish Week from 1991 through 1996, and he has been active (as performer and administrator) with CelticFest Mississippi since he relocated south in 1999.

As per occupation, Steven is a retired oceanographer, having worked for US Navy 35 years as research scientist, with the last 15 years at the Stennis Space Center with the Naval Research Laboratory and the Naval Meteorology and Oceanographer Command. In his final position there, he served as Deputy Technical Director for Ocean Modeling and Prediction, as technical advisor to the Commander of Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command, and as Navy lead for coordination with NOAA, NASA, and UCAR on ocean and atmospheric modeling and prediction.

His retirement from oceanography has allowed him to devote considerably more time and energy to his volunteer efforts in the folk music world—beyond CelticFest Mississippi, Steven also performs volunteer work with the Celtic Bayou Festival in Lafayette, LA, with Le Grand Hoorah Festival in Ville Platte, LA, with the North East Louisiana Celtic Festival in West Monroe, LA, and with the O'Flaherty Retreat in Waxahachie, TX. He also actively coordinates and promotes house concerts and other music and dance events by Celtic performers who visit the southern region.

Steven is himself a fine musician—an aficionado of the Irish whistle (particularly the low whistle) and also plays a mean blues harp. A frequent traveler, he’s a fixture at Irish tune sessions across the US.

Erick Bickerdike - Chester Playhouse

Michelle MacLean - Riverfront Jubilee

Julia Train - MROC

Peter Mowat - Deep Roots

Malory Beazley - Creamery Square

Lori Holman - Marigold Centre

Linda Boyle - Irish Fest LaCrosse

John Daley - Milwaukee Irish Fest

Fred Gilbert - Rock n' Rhum Festival

Deborah Trask - Lunenberg Folk Harbour

David O'Leary - Evergreen Theatre

Marcin Bąkiewicz - Antyradio

Lisa Gleave - Mermaid Theatre

Errin Williams - Harmony Bazaar

Erin Cooper - Irish Fair of Minnesota

Chad Shipman - Iowa Irish Fest

James Walsh - Iowa Irish Fest

Raye Myles - Hantsport Music Fest

Kevin Guptell - Hantsport Music Fest

Vincent Degiorgio - Cymba Music Publishing

Brad Machry - True North Records

Erin Benjamin - Music Canada Live

Jodie Ferneyhough - CSS Rights Management

Stacie Huckeba

Heather Gibson - NAC Presents

Marta Kutermak - KAYAX

Ben Pearlman - Collective Concerts

Jeff Propson - Oshkosh Irish Fest

Marianne Anderson - CMRRA

Tim Hardy - SOCAN

Victoria Shepherd

Patrick Zulinov - Hyvetown Music

John O'Brien Jr - Cleveland Irish Fest

Doc Freeland - Sparta Celtic Festival

CJ Freeland - Sparta Celtic Festival

Maura Krushinski - Pittsburgh Irish Festival

Ed Follis - Kansas City Irish Fest

Nan Krushinski - Pittsburgh Irish Festival

Tom Petrone - Pittsburgh Irish Festival

David Lowery

Jan Aylward Burrus - Kansas City Irish Fest

Stephen Dilks - Kansas City Irish Fest

Chris Zahrt - Michigan Irish Festival

Laura Holmes - Michigan Irish Festival

Debbie Smith - Michigan Irish Festival

Mike Wiley - Irish Fair of Minnesota

Vaidas Stackevičius - M.P.3 Music Agency

Emma Milzani - Academy Music Group

Suze Casey - Calgary Folk Club

Keli O'Neill Wenzel - Kansas City Irish Festival

Linda Clark Klibowitz - Milwaukee Irish Fest

Magdalena Jensen - Chimes

Jeff Ksaizek - Milwaukee Irish Fest

Ilya Bortnuk - Light Music

Ed Ward - Milwaukee Irish Fest

Rodney Yeaple - Penn-Mar Irish Fest

Mary Yeaple - Penn-Mar Irish Fest

Phill McIntyre - New England Celtic Arts

Agnieszka Wojciechowska - Inne Brzmienia Art’n’Music Festival

Rafał Chwała - East of Culture - Different Sounds Festival

Tony Duckworth - PIAS

Danny Simons - Grand Hotel van Cleef

Stefan Kazaryan - Connected Agency

Jörg Tresp - Devil Duck Records

Anna Kopaniarz - Off Festival

Shane Matthewson - MKM Management Services

Donald B Penzien - CeltFest Mississippi

Mary Coffey - Indy Irish Fest

Marty Cahill - Syracuse Irish Festival

Alison LeRoy - Dublin Irish Festival

Lora Knowlton - Colorado Irish Festival

Michael Lange - Mad Gael Music Fest

Steven Payne - CelticFest Mississippi

Kathleen Ryan - IrishFest LaCrosse

Marcin 'Groh' Grośkiewicz - U Know Me Records

Emi Barabasz - What's There

Nick Hobbs - Charmenko

Paweł Trzciński - Distorted Animals

Radek Chudzio - Progresja Music Zone

Craig Walsh - SAIT Students' Association

Benji Rogers


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