About The Conference

Nova Scotia Music Week (NSMW) 2019 will host delegates from around the world in Truro, Nova Scotia, November 7th-10th, while showcasing and highlighting over 100 Nova Scotian musical acts from a variety of genres.

Delegates and artists will host panels, round tables, and discussions about the current state of the industry, training, business development, physiology, and international export.

In addition to expanding their knowledge, delegates, artists, and industry professionals attending NSMW will have the chance to expand their networks. The conference will include peer-to-peer support, one-on-one meetings, mentorships, and various networking opportunities.

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to feel like you always need to put your business first, to always prioritize the health of your business…but what about your personal health? It’s not always easy to recognize, but as a business owner (which every musician is) you are the life-blood of your business, and the success of your career is a reflection of your own mental and physical wellness. The NSMW 2019 conference will focus on the intersection between mental, financial, and professional health.

Panels will touch on business psychology, mental health management, strategies to do better business while taking better care, making room for creative growth, leadership, stress management, and how to achieve personal and professional balance.

A full two days of the Basic Training program will be delivered during the festival, offering delegates the chance to further educate themselves on a broad range of topics from marketing to accounting, royalties to social media, and many more.

In addition to basic training, NSMW will offer a number of discussions and networking events aimed at helping developing artists break down walls and become more comfortable navigating the music business and international showcasing events.