IV’s early history was spent practicing how to be a great turntablist, watching VHS tapes of his idols, collecting records and working tediously to perfect more scratch techniques to add to his arsenal. Establishing a name for himself through Dj battles in which he gained a buzz around Halifax, quickly gathering the interest of promoters & local MC’s. Being the new guy on the scene, placed in the downtown environment, IV rapidly adapted a party rocking format that was well respected by nightclub patrons, club owners and it respectively brought fear to other Dj’s when it came to competitions.

Creating a name associated with skills, he then started ticking off items on the bucket list. Getting his feet wet with the local legendary group Universal Soul, IV then got seasoned to being on the road and playing shows outside of his hometown, which lead him to becoming the Dj for Juno Award winning rapper Classified & the artists on his HalfLife Records label. Acquiring award nominations & Dj battle victories, IV then ventured into building his own studio. Recording a younger generation of artists through his IV League Studios imprint, it allowed him to produce & promote his own events to aid in building the foundation of those younger artists who are now making waves on international stages today.

2019 brings the celebration of IV’s 20 year milestone, while currently still Dj’ing and touring around the globe with Classified, holding numerous Dj residencies across Atlantic Canada, IV’s focus has shifted from primarily recording artists into production & creating content for online purposes. Still facilitating a youth based non-profit organization as well as an alliance with Music Nova Scotia (Urban Music Advisory Committee) continuing to give back to the community that held him down for 2 decades, involving himself behind the scenes, curating unique and larger scale events & opportunities to showcase local talent.

Going forward in 2019, if it’s on stage, in the studio, through lessons, conversations or with other organizations, IV hopes inspire the younger generations, much like he was welcomed 20 years ago, to help aid and motivate them to become the next Ambassadors of the East Coast!

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