Shevy Price

Shevy Price is said to be one of the most influential underground artists coming from the East Coast of Canada. This rapper/songwriter is known for her unique and diverse style, her raw and thought provoking lyrics that continue to sharply contrast with her down to earth persona and her community contribution. She has opened for numerous artists such as Wu-Block, Trina, Waka Flocka, Ghettosocks and more. She has made appearances on albums such as Ghettosocks ‘For You Pretty Things’ (2013) and most current, Dean Brody’s ‘Beautiful Freakshow’ (2016), which went gold in 2017, with more album appearances set to be released this year. In addition to featuring on the song, Beautiful Freakshow, Price also has a co-writing credit for the song, and was the first female rapper ever to perform at the Canadian Country Music Awards.

She is a 4x nominee for this years The Coast’s #BOH18 and was 2x nominee with Music Nova Scotia for “Hip Hop Recording of the Year” and “African Nova Scotian Artist of the Year” and a 3x nominee with The Coast’s #BOH17 for “Best Hip Hop Artist”, “Best Songwriter” and “Best MC”.

After returning from the Netherlands, Price has been consistently working on her craft and building relationships with industry professionals that she met during New Skool Rules Urban Conference/Festival 2018. With confidence she is excited for her next international opportunity to showcase her growth! Stay tuned to watch as Price continues to display to the world her unique perspective on Maritime culture, diversity, rawness and passion!

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