Music Nova Scotia, in conjunction with artist management company Jones & Co, will be offering educational sessions under the new Basic Training Programm. These sessions are open to all Music Nova Scotia members and will help prepare members to work and perform in the music industry.

It is MANDATORY for all first time NSMW showcasing artists to attend the Conferences & Showcasing session. The session will be delivered at the Music Nova Scotia office (2169 Gottingen St, Halifax), members can RSVP for Basic Training HERE. there is limited space.

Business Basics

From your mission statement to filing your emails, Business Basics will walk you through the necessary steps to lay a solid foundation for an effective and successful business in the music industry.

Building Your Team

Who does what?  What does it cost?  Where do you start? This session will describe the roles of potential partners, independent contractors, and industry support organizations.

Conferences & Showcasing

Find out how to get the most out of conferences and showcases – from making the decision to attend to the best way to showcase your music.


This session will give you a better understanding of Canada’s major music funding organizations – how they work, how to submit solid applications and the steps necessary to file final reports.


Everything you do requires some form of marketing – from releasing a record, to selling show tickets, working an industry conference to building your fanbase.  This session will give an overview of the components of marketing and the importance of consistent branding.

Social Media & Analytics

Setting up profiles, optimizing analytics, and developing your brand – we’ll touch on all of it including how/what/how often to post and ad creation targeting


Become familiar with basic accounting terms and learn how to keep track of your income and claimable expenses.  When everything is neatly organized, tax time is simple.

Date Time Session
April 10 3:00 PM Business Basics,
April 27 11:00 AM Conference & Showcasing,
April 27 3:00 PM Funding
May 15 5:00 PM Conference & Showcasing,
May 25 3:00 PM Building Your Team
June 5 4:00 PM Conference & Showcasing,
June 8 3:00 PM Social Media
questions or concerns please contact Dana Beeler, Special Projects & Members Manager