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Kerry-Ann Wright (aka Miss Kerr) is a force to be reckoned with. Jamaican born, Toronto raised Kerry-Ann has established herself in the entertainment industry with her varied skillset and innovative ideas. Her many talents include modeling (creative/editorial), voice talent, event host, and branding/social media consulting.

"I consider myself an 'Entertainment Artisan' due to the vast experience I've gained on both the frontlines and behind the scenes. Curating unique experiences and adding a little extra magic is why I consider myself the one you never knew you needed, but wish you found sooner."

Miss Kerr's creative resourcefulness is what ensures high-quality results for both herself and her clients. She is a global entity taking her services internationally, traveling to the Caribbean, US, and UK for various projects. Understanding, developing, and enhancing her client's brand identity has garnered not only her trust and appreciation from highly reputable industry professionals but also the respect of her colleagues. Her infectious zest for entertainment arts and digital media is what sets her apart and sets her business, The HOOK Entertainment, apart from others. Kerry-Ann's aim is to help her clients not only climb the ladders of success but also to build their own, aspiring to heights beyond what they'd previously imagined.

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