Kiana Eastmond

Kiana “rookz” Eastmond is an award-winning entrepreneur, the founder of Sandbox Studios and the newly appointed Executive Director of Manifesto. rookz’s brainchild Sandbox Studios is one of the most successful Urban Music Artist Development and Recording facilities in Toronto. The studio has opened its doors to both international and local talent such as Cardi B, Tory Lanez, Kid Ink and some of the city’s up and
coming acts. After working with legends within the music industry as well as budding stars, it became evident to her that Canada lacked the infrastructure to develop of a healthy and sustainable urban music industry.

This led to accepting the role as the new Executive Director at Manifesto. rookz has already hit the ground running. The organization which sings a similar tune when it comes to creating a model for creative collaboration and social impact, is gearing up for one of its best years yet.

a recognized brand of her own, rookz has workd with Nike in a national campaign that focused on unsung heroes. The campaign highlighted her love for community and the framework that she has built. In addition to Nike, rookz has worked with Google, YouTube Music, Jordan, American Express and Live Nation just to name a few. She has also appeared in The Globe & Mail, ELLE Magazine, Complex, FLARE, Hip Hop Canada and NOW Toronto among others.

With a dedication to building something out of nothing, rookz's #CreateFate brand is a testament to being able to do anything because as she puts it, “your conditions don’t have to be your conditioning.”

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