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  • All current members of Music Nova Scotia are eligible to vote for this year’s Music and Industry Awards. Voting will take place online through the Music Nova Scotia website, instructions will be sent to membership. Voting is now open and will close on Friday, September 29th at 5:00 PM.

    The public will also get the chance to vote for the Entertainer of the Year Award.

    Voting for Entertainer of the Year will open on Friday, October 6th and close on Friday, October 27th. Stay tuned for more details.

  • Acadian/Francophone Artist of the Year

    Mary Beth Carty
    Maxim Cormier
    Nicole LeBlanc
    Ronald Bourgeois
    Selby Evans

    African Nova Scotian Artist of the Year - Sponsored by the Town of Truro Diversity Advisory Committee

    Ced, Marty & Dave
    Jody Upshaw
    Reeny Smith
    Shevy Price

    DJ of the Year

    DJ Fadzwa
    DJ IV
    Jules Bangsworth

    Digital Artist of the Year

    Christina Martin
    Dave Sampson
    Jenn Grant
    Makayla Lynn
    Port Cities

    Group Recording of the Year

    Cassie and Maggie - "The Willow Collection"
    Century Egg - "River God"
    Like A Motorcycle - "High Hopes"
    Neon Dreams - "To You"
    Port Cities - "Port Cities"
    Walrus - "Family Hangover"

    Indigenous Artist of the Year - Sponsored by Millbrook First Nation

    Alan Syliboy & The Thundermakers
    City Natives
    Don Ross
    Jade Bennett
    L'Nu JoKeR
    Shift From Tha 902

    Music Video of the Year

    Dave Sampson & Port Cities - "Trouble" (Director: Mat Barkley)
    Jenn Grant - "Galaxies" (Director: Adam Goldhammer)
    Jessie Brown - "DEBT (We Ain't Got No Money)" (Director: Gavin Maclean)
    MAJE - "Smile" (Director: Keke Beats)
    Pretty Archie - "We Don't Live Forever" (Director: Matt Ingraham)
    Rose Cousins - "Chains" (Director: Nathan Boone)

    Musician of the Year

    Andrew Sneddon
    Anna Wedlock
    Micah Smith
    Owen "O'Sound" Lee
    Ron Hynes
    Tori Cameron

    New Artist Recording of the Year - Sponsored by O'Healthy Market

    Aquakultre - "Water Temple"
    Hello Delaware - "My Mistake"
    MAJE - "*Insert Flame Emojis Here*"
    Owen Meany's Batting Stance - "Owen Meany's Batting Stance"
    Stewart Legere - "Quiet the Station"

    Recording of the Year - Sponsored by My Home Apparel

    Ian Janes - "Yes Man"
    Jenn Grant - "Paradise"
    Like A Motorcycle - "High Hopes"
    Port Cities - "Port Cities"
    Rose Cousins - "Natural Conclusion"
    Walrus - "Family Hangover"

    SOCAN Songwriter of the Year

    Ian Janes - "Can't Remember Never Loving You" (Songwriters: Ian Janes & Byron Hill)
    Jenn Grant - "Lion With Me" (Songwriter: Jenn Grant) 
    Makayla Lynn - "Sweet Simon" (Songwriter: Makayla Lynn)
    Quake Matthews - "Confessions (feat. Neon Dreams)" (Songwriters: Matthew Arab, Gordie Sampson & J Wellington)
    Rose Cousins - "Chains" (Songwriters: Rose Cousins, Jeffrey Bowman, & Andrew Combs)
    Stewart Legere - "Dig into the Dirt (feat. Rose Cousins)" (Songwriter: Stewart Legere)

    Solo Recording of the Year

    Christine Campbell - "Roller Coaster"
    Ian Janes - "Yes Man"
    Jenn Grant - "Paradise"
    Owen Meany's Batting Stance - "Owen Meany's Batting Stance"
    Rose Cousins - "Natural Conclusion"
    Stewart Legere - "Quiet the Station"

    Alternative Recording of the Year - Sponsored by Culinary Creations

    Century Egg - "River God"
    Kestrels - "Kestrels"
    Matthew Pickup - "Kiss All Your Enemies"
    Not You - "Misty"
    Owen Meany's Batting Stance - "Owen Meany's Batting Stance"
    Walrus - "Family Hangover"

  • Americana Recording of the Year

    Jordan Musycsyn - "Old State of Mind"
    Lynnea Rose - "Rocking Chair"
    Pretty Archie - "Sing Alongs and Love Songs"
    Rose Cousins - "Natural Conclusion"
    Willie Stratton - "Della Rosa"

    Blues Recording of the Year - Sponsored by Belly Up BBQ & Grill

    Caribou Run - "Something Organic Will Happen"
    Curtis Matheson - "Lust, Love & Broken Hearts"
    Elise Besler - "Lean In"
    Ken Ward - "We Held a Wake for the Cat Last Night

    Classical Recording of the Year

    Helios Vocal Ensemble - "An Illuminated Christmas"
    Maureen Batt - "Lady of the Lake"
    Maxim Cormier - "Maxim Cormier Plays J.S. Bach"
    Scott Macmillan - "Currents of Sable Island"
    Symphony Nova Scotia - "Schubert"

    Children's Artist of the Year

    Ashley Moffat
    Jamie Junger
    Keith Mullins
    Razzmatazz for Kids
    The Little Ditties

    Country Recording of the Year - Sponsored by Best Western Glengarry Plus Hotel

    Amanda Riley - "Whiskey Kisses"
    Andrew Frelick - "When I Was Little"
    Cassie Josephine & Gabriel Minnikin - "Flower Country"
    Catahoula Brown - "The Broad River Sessions"
    Elsie Morden - "Elsie Morden"
    Makayla Lynn - "On a Dare and a Prayer"

    Electronic Artist of the Year

    Jules Bangsworth
    Kin Crew

    Folk Recording of the Year - Sponsored by The Old Triangle

    Anne Janelle - "I Didn't Want to Break It"
    Coco Love Alcorn - "Wonderland"
    Don Ross - "A Million Brazilian Civilians"
    Joel & Bill Plaskett - "Solidarity"
    Stewart Legere - "Quiet the Station"
    The Barrowdowns - "Come What May Come"

    Hip Hop Recording of the Year

    Ghettosocks - "Diamants en cendres"
    MAJE - "*Insert Flame Emojis Here*"
    Shevy Price - "REPNT"
    The Search (Quake Matthews & Kayo) - "Lost and Found"
    Thrillah - "Thrillville 3"

    Inspirational Recording of the Year

    Dave Bartlett - "Be A Dream For Me"
    Nova Scotia Mass Choir - "Immanuel"
    One8Tea - "Reverance"

    Jazz Recording of the Year

    Arrhythmia - "Arrhythmia"
    Blue Spirits - "Liquid Courage"
    The Blue Lane - "Blind EP"
    Will Paynter & The Hardbop Collective - "Wise Guy"
    Zoe Leger - "The Girl From Yesterday"

    Loud Recording of the Year - Sponsored by Noyes Records

    Dali Van Gogh - "From Ashes"
    Oceanic - "Trappist"
    Sleepshaker - "Things Are Different Now"
    The Royal Volts - "Enough is Never Enough"

    Pop Recording of the Year - Sponsored by Open Hearth Park

    Hello Delaware - "My Mistake"
    Ian Janes - "Yes Man"
    Jenn Grant - "Paradise"
    Neon Dreams - "To You"
    Port Cities - "Port Cities"
    The Mike Bochoff Band - "Distractions"

    Rock Recording of the Year - Sponsored by Aggregate Equipment

    Christine Campbell - "Roller Coaster"
    Like A Motorcycle - "High Hopes"
    Matt Minglewood - "Fly Like Desperados"
    Matt Steele - "Songs For Catherine Anne"
    T. Thomason - "Sweet Baby"

    Traditional/Roots Recording of the Year - Sponsored by Warner Music Canada

    Cassie and Maggie - "The Willow Collection"
    Còig - "Rove"
    Kyle MacDonald - "Kyle MacDonald"
    Mary Beth Carty - "Les Biens-Nommés"
    Ragged Robin - "Deep in the Tangled Wood"
    Scott Macmillan & Colin Grant Duo - "GOOD2GO"

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