Ana Rose Carrico has spent the last twelve years pursuing her passion for community building and grassroots art and culture in Vancouver. A Director at Red Gate Arts Society, which is committed to providing an affordable, inclusive working space for creative individuals of all kinds, in a supportive and creative environment. Their two venues provide studio space to over 60 creatives, as well as provide use of a gallery, darkroom and woodshop facilities, and a large multi-purpose room and theatre for events, workshops, and other short-term projects to the community at large. She has recently taken the role of Station Manager and Publisher for CiTR/Discorder, the broadcasting voice of the University of British Columbia, with a mandate to provide local, community-based programming, and train students, community members, and underrepresented populations to participate in broadcasting and media production. Discorder Magazine mirrors the mandate of CiTR in amplifying independent and underrepresented voices and providing invaluable publishing experience.