Hospitality Planner
Responsible Hospitality Industry Association
Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Barb lived through the various changes in the growth of Edmonton’s late night economy. Her formal education in community development from the University of Alberta set the foundation for building social spaces with residents, businesses, and policymakers. Edmonton’s last renaissance pulled Barb into the late night economy for over a decade. Working as City of Edmonton’s Downtown Community Recreation Coordinator and then as Street As A Venue Coordinator Barb became immersed in community policing, quality of life, patron responsibility, venue, and public safety, late-night transportation and vibrancy. The result is used to explain Edmonton’s late night economy through quantified measurements providing policymakers, community, and industry to build late night economy together. Barb is continuing to grow and be part of the late night economy, this time from an industry perspective with the Responsible Hospitality Industry Association, RHIA.