Moves or Dj Moves as some calls him started djing and producing hiphop in 1991. From Truro, Nova Scotia he started out in the group Hip Club Groove and sealed a major record deal with the group on sloans Murder records/ mca recprds canada while still in high school. After the label refused to pay them for record sales (upwards of 10000 records sold of their first album “Trailor Park Hiphop”)The group went with a toronto based label (Funtrip Records) and released  their second album “Land Of The Lost” before disbanding.  Moves then moved to halifax and released albums with Tachichi, Renegade Synapsis (Cory Bowles & Moves), Knowself and various mixtapes and compilation albums. In 1999 he then moved again to Toronto to join the multiplatinum group Len and toured as their dj and producer for their album “Cant Stop The Bumrush” and the high selling single “Steal My Sunshine”. Then moving again to Vancouver in 1999 to produce rap music for his label Lowpressure Records” with artists such as Governor Bolts, Emotionz, Moka Only & Bird Apres.  Since he started making music he has released 60 + albums on Lowpressure Records as well as other imdy labels. Including 3 albums in 2018 with artists suhk as Drunken Arseholes , Tachichi, Ghettosocks, kwest the Madd Ladd, Luke Sick & Fortunado.