Kevin Guptell, Co-Chair of the Hantsport Music Fest Society, a registered not for profit, has been involved with the Fest since it’s initial planning stages in 2014, contacted by the community to help bring music and new people into the Haven of Hospitality. Kevin brings 30 years of sales and marketing as well as a love of live music, music festivals and his community. Kevin is and has been involved with every aspect as a volunteer of the HMF from getting sponsors to booking bands to building the stage and MC’ing the Event.

Although the Hantsport Music Fest has been mostly built around the Blues, their guests have asked for some other genres of music and Kevin is coming to NSMW to see as many bands as he can to build a base for the 2017 HMF and onward.
Kevin isn’t a full-time music industry person but brings his need to do things right the first time and using best business practices to make HMF a really great “Time”.

Watch for Kevin and Co-Chair Raye Myles in their HMF Bright Yellow shirts. They’ll be visiting multiple venues watching as many acts as possible.